Our self-conception

Based on the legal mandate for equality and the principles of RUB's framework plan for equality, we actively and specifically advocate for gender equality. In doing so, we are committed to an open, queer, diverse campus culture.

Our particular concern is to break down stereotypes and dismantle structural barriers, with the aim that everyone is equally able to make free choices and develop their talents - regardless also of their background and personal life situation. The promotion of women in their academic or professional education up to their significantly higher representation in leadership and decision-making positions is a focus of our work.

To achieve those goals,

  • we initiate and coordinate gender equality activities on campus
  • we are engaged in the university's self-administration
  • we participate in personnel selection and appointment procedures
  • we are committed to a comprehensive protection against discrimination
  • we provide advice and empower people
  • we are further developing equality controlling and funding instruments
  • we sensibilize for topics relevant to gender equality
  • we network and support the decentral equal opportunity representatives
  • we cooperate with the Family-Friendly University Office as well as external participants in the UA Ruhr, the city of Bochum and at the state and federal level

Our tasks

The realization of gender equality is the legal responsibility of the university's management staff. As equal opportunity representatives, we support and advise them in this process. The concrete tasks of the Equal Opportunity representatives are described in the Higher Education Act (HG NRW) and in the State Equal Opportunity Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (LGG NRW).

Our rights are also defined there in order to be able to perform these tasks. The law also ensures that we work free of professional instructions.
This means that we ourselves decide how we implement our tasks in terms of technical content and which focuses we set.

The central equal opportunity representative has to look after the interests of women who are members or affiliates of the university. It works toward the fulfillment of the university's mission of equality. In particular, it shall work towards the inclusion of equality-relevant aspects in scientific, administrative and technical work, in development planning, in personnel and structural measures and in the performance-related allocation of funds.  (see. § 24, 1 HG NRW)

The Equal Opportunities Officer shall support and advise the department and cooperate in the implementation of this Law and of all legislation and measures that have or may have an impact on equality between women and men.

Their involvement relates in particular to

1. personnel actions, including job postings, selection procedures, and interviews,

2. organisational actions,

3. social actions,

4. the preparation and modification of the equality plan as well as the preparation of the report on the implementation of the equality plan or the conception of alternative models according to § 6a and

5. Planning projects of fundamental importance for employment relationships or working conditions in the department.

The Equal Opportunity Officer is an equal member of review meetings and on the job evaluation committee.

(2) The duties of the Equal Opportunities Representative also include advising and supporting employees in matters of gender equality.

(see. §17 LGG NRW)