Consultation  by the equal opportunity office

We will be happy to advise you on these and other matters!

Our advice is always confidential. As Equal Opportunities Officers we are not subject to any professional instructions.

If desired, we can also provide advice at a neutral location.

We work in a network of RUB-internal and external counselling centers.

Depending on your concerns, we will show you further consulting options - contact us!

Other RUB-internal counselling centers

RUB-external counselling centers (in Bochum)

Wildwasser Bochum e.V.
Counselling center for victims of sexual violence and prevention

Women's counselling center NORA e.V.
Counselling for women and girls

Rosa Strippe e.V.
Psychosocial counselung for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans-persons

Catholic marriage, family and life counseling

Department for Equality, family and inclusion
Regina Czajka

RUB-external counselling centers (supraregional)

Umbrella organization of autonomous women's counseling centers NRW e.V.

Community of autonomous women's shelters NRW (LAG)